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We are here to help you achieve 3 major objectives

Design Better

Better Designs with Less Effort.

aikon CMS comprises a team of designers and developers with a natural curiosity and passion for solving problems. The Company's main purpose is to make web design accessible for everyone. Combining beautiful design and easy-to-use code is what we do best, and that's what makes our extensions so awesome!

Create beautiful websites

Beautiful Web for Anyone,
Anywhere, Anytime.

Over the past few years, we've led a wide range of projects from scratch to finish, including dozens of websites, mobile and web applications, digital products, e-commerce software and more. We're glad to be able to share our know-how and skills with the Joomla! Community in order to help create and support beautiful web designs that stick out above the rest.

Make people talk about you

Creating Websites That People
Remember and Talk About.

Using our amazing extensions, you'll be able to significantly improve your website's visibility and user-friendliness, which in turn will help increase your visitors' engagement and conversion rates. That means, in minimum time and with minimal effort – you can become an internet sensation!

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